Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lately: Swamps, Cities, Parties and Glitter

Wow. I cannot believe how much time I have spent away from my blog. I have been pretty busy finishing up all the paperwork for my new school year, finding scholarships, and still on the hunt for a job. During my downtime, I've spent it with Eric, the puppies, and friends. Although I have been away, I was STILL taking pictures of all the chaos. So here are my photograph's of what's been happening lately:

In the summertime, it seems nearly impossible to find outdoor things to do here in the south. So I did some research and found a swamp nearby that had some pretty cool reviews. I know a swamp isn't too exciting, but it was actually really cool. It's something that's very unique to the south and because I grew up in California, I was really excited!

Another exciting thing to happen was getting invited to go to Atlanta. A friend of mine had to make an early drive out there to drop off her brother-in-law at the airport. She invited me to come with her to explore the city for the day. We had so much fun. We were able to check out a world famous diner called Varsity. Then we checked out a historic cemetary, although the summer heat beat us. So we then opted for a nice air conditioned walk inside the Atlanta Aquarium. So much fun.

Aside from the exploring, I also went to my University's school orientation. It was fun, but humerous as I'm a transfer student and everyone else attending were college freshman. They had their parents with them and you could see how some of them were a bit apprehensive, excited, and nervous about this new stage in their life. I never really considered myself an "adult" this day. It made me realize how much I've grown up in the past year. But even so, I'm a little kid at heart ;) I even took a picture with our school mascot. When I went to pick up this photograph, the women told me it had been voted "best picture". I wasn't sure why, but it made laugh. Go Jaguars!
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My new phone case, hence the "glitter" title of this post. It's so pretty and ridiculous! It was only $5 too, how could I resist such a sparkly purchase?

Enjoying an afternoon on our back porch. Kisses



  1. the picture of the jellyfish look so cool. they facinate me and freak me out at the same time lol