Monday, June 27, 2011

The Lately

Hello all. I've been pretty busy since last Thursday. My husband and I finally got a couch. That may not be exciting to most, but to us, we're stoked! It's so nice having a comfy couch to crash on. It makes it feel much more like home. We also FINALLY got a dining table. Honestly, I never thought making your own "home" would be difficult, but it actually is. There are SO many little things that go into having a home along with bigger, more pricier items that take more investment to purchase.

Aside from our "nesting" adventures, we also were invited to volunteer at a concert for a band called Sugarland. Has anyone heard of them? Eric and I had no clue who they were until the night before when we googled them. Even though they weren't our favorite genre of music, the event was still fun. The crowd we were serving were true "southern" cowboys. Everyone dressed up with their cowboy boots and hats. The women were all in dresses and heels. It was very different compared to a concert in California. All fun, none the less. I wasn't able to take pictures because it got so busy but I managed to snag one photo before the concert began.

We were also invited to a morning picnic with Erics division (I think it was his division, the military is confusing). We were able to bring our dogs and let them run around which was nice.

I tried to wear something cute and it was successful, but once again, the weather beat me. It got way too hot to wear the knitted sweater so I took it off and ended up with your average tank top and shorts for the day. Also, you can see my hair has become pretty brassy and orange. No bueno!

After the picnic, Eric, two of his shipmates, and I went off to get some lunch. We ended up at Checkers which we've never had before but were told "you MUST try the fries". They don't have Checkers on the West Coast, so we did as we were told. Sure enough, the fries were REALLY yummy.

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  1. Love the outfit and the hair!!! You are soooo beautiful