Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tip Toe Pink!

I'm the kind of girl who usually keeps it simple with her nail colors. I'm either dark black or a light baby pink. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding that PERFECT shade of pink. It's either too light or it's too "hot" pinkish. Luckily, as I was roaming the make-up isle of Target, I spotted at the VERY bottom of a shelf the perfect shade of pink! The best part of this find was it was under $4. 

As you can see, I already had a manicure, so what a better place to paint "Tip Toe Pink" than on the tips of my toes! I love this color, it's the perfect shade. I'm excited to do my actual finger nails, but I want to keep my french manicure for a little while longer.

Aside from a good nail find, I spent my yesterday taking a mental vacation. Right now, the trend seems to be layering. But out here in Georgia, it's VERY hard to want to layer more than a tank top and shorts. It's so hot and humid all the time. I happened to have a very breezy, baggy top and crocheted vest that I bought from Forever 21 a while ago. Plus the new shorts I got from American Eagle Outfitters, which I LOVE. The outfit ended up working perfectly. I'm still iffy on my hair though. The lightness just doesn't suit me.

What do you think? What hair colors best suit you?

Today, I'm going on a quest to send out some resumes for a job. The transition from moving across country is hard. You don't have any friends or family here so it's easy to feel isolated and alone. Getting a job would be the perfect thing to help get me out of my funk before school starts. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!



  1. I can't pull off dark hair :( But in the winter I always add more low-lights, and in the summer more blonde highlights =)
    I think you look amazing with dark hair! But the ombre hair is so on trend and it's a nice change to be lighter in the summer, in my opinion!

  2. I know, isn't it? It just becomes too brassy at times. I really wish I could pull off the summer looks, but I'll leave it to the ones who do it best, the blondes!

  3. Nice Pink!
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    Please follow back OK?

  4. I love neon nail polish on my toes, always cheer me up (:

  5. gorgeous nail color! i agree-it is hard to find a good pink! i like this, and i like your hair, pretty girl! :)

  6. You look gorgeous.. Love your toe colour..Very soft pink nail polish..

    Thank you so much for following my blog..^_^..I follow you back..